Our team of consultants comprises people who bring industry knowledge and experience through years of career development in their respective fields, as well as people who have developed their contacts and experience directly from recruitment or executive search background. With industry and product knowledge and a thorough understanding of the search and selection process, our consultants can effectively and efficiently evaluate and recruit the best candidates for our clients in a timely and professional manner.


With our great effort and our long history in the industry, we have successfully built up a huge database, which is one of our solid, though not the only sources of candidates. This really can help us to get access to potential candidates who are not actively looking for opportunities in the market but would consider if good opportunities or match is possible.


Our philosophy is to conduct business with complete professionalism, absolute honesty and strict confidentiality. All proprietary information concerning our client, its organization, products, services and business plans will be treated as highly confidential. So will be information related to all candidates.


  • Our professional ethics is our highest principle at all times
  • To deliver superior results
  • Exceed clients' and candidates' expectations
  • Team work
  • Open communication
  • Full understanding of clients and candidates and work as a partner to provide our service
  • Continuous improvement
  • Competitive