Ms. Alexa Chow has over 20 years of experience in professional recruitment and consultancy services. She is the Managing Director of AMAC Human Resources Consultants Limited (formerly known as Centaline Human Resources Consultants), which is one of the leading and oldest personnel agencies in Hong Kong.

Apart from the recruitment business, she is also actively involved in the career development service to the corporate clients, and has delivered different workshops such as Strategic Human Resources Management Workshop, Amendment of Current Labour Law Seminar to different executives. She has been requested by many organizations, local and PRC newspapers, radio and TV broadcast stations to provide professional comment regarding market trends and human resources management issues.

Alexa obtained her Master degree in Business Administration in San Diego, USA. She belongs to a number of professional bodies including Member of Institute of Human Resources Management, Associate Member of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, and the Institute of Chartered Arbitrators.

In addition, Alexa is actively involved in the community services. She has been the Vice President of the Association of Hong Kong Personnel Agencies from 1998 to 2007, the Committee Member of Employment Services under HKSAR Labour Advisory Board from 1999 to 2006, the Committee Member of the HKSAR Appeal Panel (Housing) from 2004 to 2010, the Committee Member of HKSAR Town Planning Appeal Board Panel from 2005 to 2011, the Committee Member of the HKSAR Investigation Board Panel of the Hong Kong Institue of Certified Public Accountants since 2006, the Member of HKSAR Statistics Advisory Board since 2009, the Member of HKSAR Public Affairs Forum since 2010 and the Committe Member of HKSAR Railway Objections Hearing Panel since 2010.





此外,周小姐亦致力參與社會服務,她是前任香港職業介紹所協會副主席 (1998年至2007年),勞工顧問委員會轄下就業輔導委員會委員 (1999年至2006年),上訴委員會(房屋)委員 (2004年至2010年) 及城市規劃上訴委員會委員 (2005年至2011年),現任香港會計師公會紀律委員會委員 (2006年至今),統計諮詢委員會成員 (2009年至今),公共事務論壇成員 (2010年至今) 及處理鐵路方案反對意見聆聽委員會委員 (2010年至今)。