Hong Kong payroll study calls for lowest pay rise for frontline civil servants since 2010

Recommendations, which still need government approval, call for lowest earners to receive a 2.85 per cent pay rise while highest earners would get 4.06 per cent increase

Hong Kong’s frontline civil servants are set to receive the lowest pay rise in nearly 10 years, despite a record government surplus, if results of an annual study are adopted.

The government study, which was submitted to the Pay Trend Survey Committee on Wednesday, recommended pay increases between 2.84 and 4.51 per cent, depending on an employee’s pay scale.

The highest earners would receive a 4.06 per cent pay increase, while the middle earners would see a 4.51 per cent rise and the lowest earners would get a 2.84 per cent rise – the lowest for frontline staff since 2010 when rises were 0.56 for the lowest and middle earners.  Senior officers received a 1.6 per cent rise that year.

Alexa Chow Yee-ping, managing director of AMAC Human Resources Consultants, said the civil servants should be “more than happy” with the proposals.  “Compared with that in the private sector, which was about 3.5 per cent to 4 per cent, the proposed increases for civil servants can be said to be very generous.”

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